Peter Purviance (ca. 1845-17 September 1905)

Tombstone, Peter Purviance (ca. 1845-17 September 1905), Mount Auburn Cemetery, Baltimore

Nancy Bramucci Sheads, Resurrecting Mount Auburn ( : accessed 15 July 2014) entry for Peter Purviance.

Peter Purviance was born into slavery in Baltimore, Maryland. On 17 March 1864, he was sold for $250 by Francis B. Lawrenson to Joseph J. Gambrill. The following day Purviance was mustered into Company K of the 30th U.S.C.T. at Birney Barracks, resulting in his manumission. On 14 April 1864, Gambrill received $300 compensation under the provisions of General Orders, No. 329, 1863. Purviance remained with the 30th U.S.C.T. until 17 August 1865, when he transferred to the U.S. Navy.

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